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The creative design process in private aircraft

Sep 09

Private airplanes are fascinating. Perhaps because the creation of these beautiful flying vehicles retains its element of mystery. Indeed, every private aircraft comes with its own design, layout, style and personality. As in many areas of design, the development of the interior and exterior design of a private aircraft involves many skills and a long development process. From the first meeting with a new customer until the delivery of the project, creativity holds an essential place throughout the entire project. Thanks to the experience of M&R Associates Design, we now suggest you to have a closer look at the importance of creativity throughout the private aircraft design process.

Elevating excellence

In the same way as a traditional aircraft, VIP aircraft are first based on a design phase, followed by an engineering phase and an outfitting oversight. But the attention to details, comfort and personalization will have a much broader importance when it comes to private aircraft. As M&R Associates Design reminds us, the purpose of the process is to ensure:

  1. The quality
  2. The ergonomics
  3. The aircraft performance and maintainability
  4. The security

Indeed, everything is considered to the finest details in order to meet the expectations of every customer.

Design development in agreement with the customer

Every project starts with a client meeting. From this moment on, designers must be fully immersed in the client’s request in order to deliver an exceptional good that perfectly matches his/her desires, personality and way of life. Fluidity, refinement, coherence… these are the recurring principles of any project of private aircraft.

After integrating the customer needs, the designers start to carry out layout studies and different proposals by using trend boards. Lines, shapes, materials, lights… In private aircraft interior design, nothing is left to random, especially by taking into account cabin specifications.

To reach such a result, aircraft designers will decline a selection of exclusive handcrafted materials (such as silk, leather, wood veneer). Moreover, designers push back the requirements even further by declining exclusive accessories, decoration and loose equipment. Once the design is finalized by the designer and approved by the customer thanks to colour boards and 3D visualisations, developments can begin.

An engineering process in line with the creative dimension 

During the creative design process of private aircraft, it is essential to develop a perfect alliance between design know-how and the art of engineering. Thus, the design of M&R Associates need to be very present during the engineering phase by bringing a full design support. As a matter of fact, there are some limits to what we can use or do in luxury airplanes. In this regard, the most telling illustration concerns the choice of materials: their weight should not be too heavy, in order to maintain security on board and to comply with aeronautical certifications. In addition, it is also relevant for designers to take into account the aircraft performance in terms of noise and maintainability. Therefore, that is where technical expertise intervenes: finding creative alternatives to traditional methods used in luxury manufacturing in order to match with the technical and security requirements.  

By mastering volumes, materials, colours and light on the airplane, the passionate team of M&R Associates Design give rise to innovative and unique creations.