Our approach

For both new or pre-owned aircraft , M&R offers all exclusive design services in addition to managing the design completion.
We have acquired the confidence of Owners with major customer references achieved worldwide.
M&R did also build the trust of all aircraft manufacturers, completion centers and operators, having designed and completed aircraft for all VVIP/Business aircraft types, and being officially referenced by AIRBUS and BOEING.

Your life style,
is our design style

Design phase

• Layout studies and proposals
• Interior design / cabin specifications
• Trend boards
• Selection of materials complying with the most recent aeronautical certification requirements
• Customization
• Highest resolution and photo realistic 3D images & animation tools
•Technical definition drawing package
• Exterior livery/paint

Engineering phase

• Full design support during the engineering phase of the project
• Full design support and recommendation towards the selection of a suitable entertainment system, lighting (including the mood lighting) devices and convenient switching locations• Production support during monuments/cabinets manufacturing
• Focus on aircraft performance (weight, noise…) and maintainability 

Design Project Management

• Periodical quality inspection on site (quality report)
• Schedule checking
• Interior cabin quality inspection (white glove inspection report)
• Cabin crew training for the use of the cabin, storage, maintainability materials…
• Customer presentation
• M&R associates design has built a dynamic and positive collaboration with aircraft manufacturers, completion centers and suppliers to finalize a unique project for a unique client, and “Raising your project to Excellence”.