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Our experience

Interior and exterior design, completion project
management for
– VVIP aircraft
– Head of Stage aircraft
– Executive Charter airplane
– Helicopter
– Airliner
And also, interior design for villas and yachts

Who we are

We are designers. Specialised since 2006 in the highly technical world of aviation, we leverage our expertise to design not just private aircraft, but villas and yachts too. Our creativity is Always guided by the same design principle : imbue each shape with meaning.

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Our Operating Board

Florent and Vincent are closely involved in all aspects of every projects, they are supported by passionate individuals from the M&R associates design team. 

 The complementary expertises of the duo is mainly gained in the aerospace segment over the past 20+ years with the largest aircraft / helicopters manufacturers and completion centres in the world. They strongly believe that the creativity, quality of the work and personal attention to details remain the key factor for a unique design and peace of mind experience.

"Luxury is rarity, creativity and elegance" | Florent
Florent Magnin

Board Member
Creative Director

Florent spent his childhood in an artistic environment with his father being a painter and a sculptor.

He graduated from the well-known School of Arts Appliqué of Lyon in France specializing in Industrial and Interior design.
After winning a few awards competing in international contest in both transport, automobile, and architecture design, Florent started his career in aerospace joining JET AVIATION Group in Basel in 1998, working in their VIP aircraft business department.

Florent was responsible for the creative design on most of the main aircraft manufacturer’s types: Dassaut, Bombardier, Boeing BBJ, Airbus ACJ…
In close teamwork with both customers, and the engineering department in Jet Aviation, Florent built a strong experience of trust, creativity and knowledge in VIP interior aircraft design, and was also responsible for the definition of the first Boeing 747 SP VIP in Jet Aviation Basel.

After successful experience in Jet Aviation, Florent moved to AIRBUS Headquarters in Toulouse in charge of the development of the interior design of the Airbus A 380 demonstrator aircraft MSN7, and also responsible for the design management of several major worldwide airline companies. During 4 years he used his knowledge and expertise in the VIP aircraft business, and translated it into innovative ideas to both AIRBUS VIP and AIRBUS Airliners customers.
He was also heavily involved on major Airbus marketing projects at the AIRBUS mock-up centre, working for new technologies, materials, and sales interior cabin mock-up. He was also leader in development of new airline seats concepts liaising with the major worldwide seat manufacturers..

“Luxury is rarity, creativity and elegance” | Florent
“I love walking up in the morning knowing that I will always learn new things. This enhances motivation ans creativity especially in design” | Andre
"How to handle volume, ergonomics, shape ans colours is not true diplomacy, because the real difficulty is to accommodate all of these together" | Raoul Dufy
Vincent Rey

Board Member
Creative Director

Vincent spent his childhood amongst his parent’s tapisseries/upholsteries, learning textiles, luxury materials, and paying attention to the finest details very early .

With an apprenticeship of both interior designer, as well as carrying an interior architecture degree, Vincent started his career with the well-known DeMaria Design company in Los Angeles, California, USA, working on very modern and awarded residential/commercial architectures.

In 1998, as designer, he joined JET AVIATION Basel, Switzerland, becoming rapidly responsible for the Design & Project Management, in charge of a complete BBJ project followed by four additional BBJs and one B767-300. All these experiences helped him gain technical / production knowledge on narrow and wide body airplanes, as well as interacting with many customers from different cultures. Vincent was also in parallel appointed Deputy of the entire Interior Design Department during this time.

After 6 years working with one of the leading completion center in the world, he then joined in 2004 another industry leader, BOMBARDIER Aerospace Business Airplane in Montreal, Canada, in order to develop the Challenger 604 interior Design Team as well as meeting customers all around the globe. At this time, Vincent was part of the team who launched the first Challenger 605.

Our Philosophy

We carefully conceive and elegantly draft each detail of an aircraft’s interior, and then work with the finest artisans to bring those ideas to life. We relentlessly seek perfection, pursuing the kind of excellence that breeds exclusivity. Through thoroughly singular designs. Every texture, hue and curve is carefully curated to capture our client’s imagination. Lights, materials, the grain of a piece of leather and the gleam of chrome all excite our creative eye. In our world, anything’s possible. We perceive the aviation industry’s demands not as constraints, but as challenges, using them as a springboard for daring design. We break with certain conventions without ever overstepping the rules, our consummate understanding of each and every detail ultimately giving us the freedom to breathe life intoour clients’ wildest dreams.