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The approach of an aircraft according to M&R associates design

Jun 06

Since 2006, M&R associates design agency is committed to think, imagine, create, and manage unique projects for worldwide customers. The motivation of the three partners and team is to respond and exceed the wishes of the aircraft Owners in the most creative and relevant way in order to raise his dream to « Excellence ».

The company M&R associates design offers many services to its clients in terms of aircraft design. The company’s know-how allows customers to benefit from highly personalized and innovative services in order to best meet their expectations The expertise of this company is divided into three main services: design, engineering and outfitting oversight. In order to understand the core business of M&R associates design, it is interesting to detail each field.

Innovative and personalized design

The realization of an aircraft requires first of all a design phase before being able to proceed to the elaboration of the project. Although most private jets are equipped as standard, many owners are choosing to add their own personal touch to the design of their aircraft. With the exception of a few rare eccentricities, anything is possible in terms of interior design. Thanks to the know-how of M&R associates design, the design can be completely modified and customized.

The latest trends are practical as well as aesthetic: touch-controlled lighting and in-flight entertainment systems, but also a shower with hammam option, cinema area… Emphasis is also placed on the means of communication. Everything is thought to best satisfy the customers’ needs.

M&R associates design not only intervenes on the interior design of the aircraft but also on the exterior design. For each exterior design, the intention is to give fluidity, elegance to the aircraft or helicopter. For this, M&R team strives to go to the essential in order to find the strong and unique idea corresponding to the wishes of the owner: “The spectacular can be as simplicity as in the complex”.

While anything is possible in theory, the interior design must still respect a weight constraint. The latest innovations therefore aim to lighten aircraft by using new, particularly light materials.

Advanced on-board engineering

The company provides full support during the engineering phase of the project. Indeed, each customer benefits from a personalized and quality service in terms interior cabin definition and specially with advance materials. It is also essential to carefully consider the entire interior lighting of the aircraft. It allows to create the perfect atmosphere on board to enable clients to be fully comfortable. In addition, entertainment is a key element of the aircraft and the company is investigating meticulously all needs and desires of the owner in this major field to design the best solution for him. 

Then, the company also defines the layout, in accordance to the wishes of the owner, in particular thanks to 3D visualization tools. Finally, M&R associates design is involved in the technical performance of the aircraft in order to promote maximum comfort on board. For instance, the experts are working to improve sound proofing and using the best materials possible in this field. 

Outfitting oversight

Once the aesthetic and technical adjustments have been made, it is essential to carry out a control phase. First of all, quality control is established on a regular basis. The interior of the aircraft is also inspected in terms of quality and comfort; this is called the white glove inspection. In addition, the aircraft crew receives support and training in the use of the various equipment fitted on board.  Finally, a complete presentation of the aircraft is conducted with the customer in order to explain all the key elements of the layout.