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Project 5: Boeing BBJ 757 interior design

Feb 20

M&R associates design have been lucky enough to work on the interior design of some of the most iconic BBJ 757 – 200. The adventure goes on, as the company is now on the verge of a new step in its history: M&R associates are now designing the interior of the Boeing BBJ 757. Let’s take a closer look!

The expertise of M&R associates design

M&R associates was founded 14 years ago by two highly skilled, highly passionate men, with loads and loads of experience in in aircraft design (more than 25 years each!). At the time, private aircraft owners did not have much of a choice when customizing and composing their equipment on board was concerned. Things however took a turn to the better, as more and more design options are now made available. That’s how M&R story began. Not long after it was founded, a third associate joined with the two initial creators, a person who has an experience of nearly 30 years in the aviation business worldwide.

It wasn’t long before M&R associates design made a name for itself on the international scene of interior aircraft design. Thanks to the combined experience and complimentary skills of the three partners, the company has expanded worldwide (Europe, Asia, Middle East…), and became a key player in the sector. M&R associates design is widely recognized as one of the best aeronautic companies specializing in interior and exterior design of business aircrafts. The company counts several projects involving some of the most known and most iconic aircrafts the world’s over, including the Boeing BBJ 757, the latest of a long line of projects.

Boeing BBJ 757 interior design by M&R associates

M&R associates design has done quite a job on the Boeing BBJ 757! The company has worked towards achieving a stylish interior design for the aircraft, stressing the importance of contrasting materials along with highly refined details. As such, the material choice for the interior has been Chinese lacquer together with ebony veneer. The end result is impressive. Regarding the soft good materials, M&R associates design chose a delicate mix between classical and more textured materials. The goal was to create a unique interior that is functional without forgetting to be extra stylish.

To add to the general air of sophistication, the company has manufactured the lavatories counter top with volcanic stone, and included additional precious stones. When you go to the lounge area, you will be welcomed by exquisite seats and divans specifically designed to offer comfort and a modern atmosphere to the overall environment.