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M&R interior design experience with AIRBUS ACJ

Sep 06

M&R associates design is 100% specialized in VVIP private jet interior and exterior design, with worldwide customer references and completed luxurious interiors for ACJ319, ACJ320, ACJ320neo, ACJ330, ACJ340, and an ACJ350 concept for ACJ Group.

The interior design of the ACJ350-900

Emphasis on this ACJ350 interior design  is to create large open spaces with minimum furniture. Our main goal was to design the project using “natural elements” like sand, wood and marine/seabed environment. With its refined and luxurious interior style, combined with modern elements, the large lounge area offers passengers the opportunity to share moments of conviviality with practicality. The gray blue colour contrasting with the natural materials contributes to a very contemporary style. In order to optimize space gain and feeling, all storages are integrated in the most discrete possible way. Hence, doors remain almost invisible on the side furniture.

A few furniture facades are integrating lights which reinforce the horizontal fluidity in the cabin and outstanding atmosphere especially at night.  There is also a nice combination of different natural wooden surfaces which is an invitation to peaceful home and relaxing times throughout the entire cabin of this private aircraftLuxurious carpet design composed of different patterns and carefully selected materials, are providing added quietness and comfort for all passengers on board.

For the master bedroom of this unique business jet, we have maximized brightness and volume, keeping monuments to its minimum without sacrificing efficiency and practicality on board for the Owner. Creative lighting with luminous carved panels on each side of the bed, on the walls, headboard and ceiling, and indirect lighting on the floor participate in enhancing space in this dedicated relaxing area. 

The interior design of the ACJ320neo

The interior design of this ACJ320neo can be defined as a pure and elegant style inspired by nature.

For a cozy and luxurious interior atmosphere, we have created refined volume effects using selective indirect lighting and mixing it harmoniously with materials. The different spaces are highlighted by light bands, which are specific to each section of the private aircraftUnique creative textures from natural world such as fish scales for iridescence and reflections, or dandelion flower for its lightness, are combined in straw marquetry with metal accents in addition customs fabrics created in silk.

In the open space lounge area of this outstanding business jet, the wood veneers are assembled on the table tops like marquetry but also braided on the facades of the furniture to nicely liven up the surfaces.

In order to minimize the visual space occupied by the dining seats and their backrest, we are offering a unique white carbon high gloss on the back, which will also reflect on the surrounding environment. We open new visual windows and perspectives on the entire cabin according to the orientation of the seats.

The molding of the side ledges and tables is a strong character element building the cabin of this private jet interior. It is made up of different sections, producing special effects of undulations and adding rhythm. We have imagined a fluid shape for the lounge sofa. This fluidity is also expressed by a line of light on the armrests of the seats, the foot table, the top of the credenza, as well as the foot on the bed in the sleeping room.

The central part of the credenza, made up of large drawers, provides space to this exclusive piece of furniture. The handles are designed as a practical wave covering the front of the drawers.

We created a specific silk fabric for the aft bulkhead in the dining. It expresses a dandelion flower theme opening up the space when passengers enter into the cabin. It also enhances a poetic and light atmosphere. The bands on the curve panels, as well as the angles of the tables and lamps are creations made up of straw marquetry and inlay, or ceruse in metal, on the theme of scales and dandelion flowers.The carpet is composed of a mix of cut pile and loop pile in silk and cashmere. Its specific braiding brings an interesting rhythm to the entire cabin floor of this VVIP business jet.

In the Master Bedroom, the desk combining straw marquetery and metal inlay is a major element building the character of the cabin. Designed under the theme of the feather, the selected fabrics found on both the desk and bulkhead truly develops the luxury and richness of this area, especially including matt and shiny effects. The drawers as well as the foot of the desk are in real white custom carbon.

The ACJ range offers the benefit of a very flexible modern platform exceptionally well suited for interior design creativity for M&R , while offering a wider cabin compared to other similar private aircraftCombining AIRBUS ACJ range with M&R in-house interior design and engineering experience and capabilities has allowed our team to meet and exceed the most particular customer’s demands with outstanding private jet interior and exterior creations. Here are a few examples:

  • Completing a very unique layout including 7 private guestrooms with their own lavatory fully dedicated to the guests (ACJ330) 
  • Developing a very practical Mahjong table easily convertible into dining table (ACJ330)
  • Designing the largest TV screen (75”) fitted in an in-flight theater including 2 convertible daybeds (ACJ330)