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Helicopter interior design: an expertise of M&R associates design

Dec 18

M&R associates design is specialized in the design and the layout of private aircraft. And even if a large part of its expertise concerns private aircraft of various sizes, designers are also able to customize helicopters. From the selection of the color palette, to the selection of materials and the layout of the furniture, the designers think of everything and imagine a comfortable interior, according to the needs and desires of their customers. Let’s discover in more detail this part of the expertise of this renowned company.

A meticulous process

As with the development of private aircraft, the M&R team proceeds in three phases during the development of their helicopter design projects. The first step consists of studying the customer’s needs and developing several propositions, thanks to trend boards and detailed 3D simulations. During this step, the designers select the materials and monuments that will be integrated into the helicopter cabin. The second stage, called the engineering phase, which makes it possible to check all the technical aspects in order to ensure the proper functioning of the helicopter while offering optimal comfort to customers. Certification issues, noise levels, vibration levels… These are all challenging areas that the designer need to be comfortable dealing with. Finally, the last step is the production and assembly checks in order to ensure that the design and quality are fully respected until final delivery of the helicopter.

Specificities related to helicopter design

When designers work on the interior design of a helicopter, it is essential for them to adapt to the customer’s desires, but also to the specific constraints related to the weight, structure and mechanics of the helicopter. Because of the smaller space available compared to private planes, the helicopter is much more sensitive to weight constraints. The designer can also work on creativity of the layout, by integrating specific small monuments in order to provide more ergonomics, functionality and comfort. The key element in the design of a helicopter is the choice of seats, their capacity and the desired level of comfort, design of the specific details (ex: handles…), side and overhead panels, cockpit panel, etc … In some cases, decorative elements are also possible, such as curtains. However, the careful choice of top-of-the-range coatings and the remarkable level of completion are identical for both business jets and helicopters.

In addition to major weight constraint, other specificities related to helicopters involve  noise and vibration levels, which are obviously of higher levels in helicopters than fixed-wings and on which the designer need to pay very specific attention.

Projects carried out by M&R associates design

Whether it is for business jets or helicopter projects, the M&R team always takes care to adapt to each of its customers. And when it comes to helicopters, designers always know how to be creative in order to deliver outstanding projects.

M&R’s team takes care to thoroughly examine every detail related to the interior and exterior design. Among the helicopter projects carried out by the company, there are Leonardo AW139, AW189, Eurocopter/ Airbus Helicopter EC175 and Sikorsky S-76C, which are perfect proof of the company’s expertise in this helicopter field.