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External paint sky concept for Gulfstream G700, an aircraft exterior design project

Jul 07
During these last months and year we have all seen a sky free of lines of condensations that crisscrossed drawn by planes. The sky was unusually empty from planes…

We could see an “untouched” sky of a uniform blue, shades of orange for sunsets, punctuated by white clouds or sometimes even sinking into the gray anthracite during storms.

This environment inspired M&R Associates Design and triggered the idea to create 3 exterior designs for the Gulfstream G700. Each of these would represent different states of the sky at a certain time of the day or type of weather.

The aircraft would always fully merge with the sky, but also sometimes would build a link between earth and sky, depending on the chosen concept.

Sunset between earth and sky, a first concept of aircraft exterior design

What could be more beautiful than a sunset where a few clouds capture the orange colors?  A design where the plane merges with the blue colour of the sky and some light clouds.

This aircraft exterior design also reflects the grey color of the tarmac on the ground along with an irregular orange line (remembering the orange clouds) and off-white gradation tracing the horizon.

Beautifully Cloudy, a second concept by designing exterior airplane

Ribbons of a light matte gray envelop the plane like thick, flowing clouds in a cloudy sky. The curves are underlined by thin blue-gray lines identical to the one on the low side of the fuselage.

The G700 by M&R fully merges with its natural environment up to a point of becoming almost stealth. Designing exterior aircraft means offering a flying experience that begins as soon as the aircraft is discovered.

Stormy and drastic, the third design project management aircraft

Here is the G700, an M&R Associates Design aircraft project in a threatening environment.

This creation shows a heavy, charged and electric sky in the dark bluish gray where the broken golden lines of the storm’s lightning stand out by design exterior aircraft this way.

The ”storm” line also separates the 2 grey colors on the fuselage which also accentuates this drastic environment.

External paint “Back to Future” concept for Gulfstream G700 by M&R Associates Design

The general idea of this exterior design paint scheme is both very graphic and detailed. It is also a global artistic vision of human relationships during this period of life.

The general design of patterns and stripes are inspired by technical elements characterizing the Gulfstream G700, such as the windows or the winglets. It also visually increases the length of the aircraft. The reading of these oval gradient patterns have to be seen starting from the center of the airplane either backwards or forwards.

In addition, the variations of dark greens going towards the light greens symbolize the life, the nature, the renewal, with an idea and a positive general message in direction of the nose of the airplane of “Back to Future”.

This paint designing exterior airplane can be adapted in a more “racer” version in gray / charcoal or more “soft” in beige / brown colors. We can select different colour themes  either “earth – brown” or “vegetation – green” as per the illustrations.