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Jan 15

BOMBARDIER started a few months ago delivering its new Global 7500 to his customers. It currently stands alone as the world’s largest and longest range business jet with up to 4 true living spaces. With a range of  7700 nm, it also offers a top speed of Mach 0.925.

For the newest member of the BOMBARDIER range, the Global 7500, M&R associates design has created two interior and exterior concepts.

We wanted to break with the current trends and standard codes of business aviation in order to offer to the future owners two alternative environments and spaces for both interior and exterior.

Concept 1

The “SERENITY” concept: 

The goal was to amplify the visual space of the cabin by chosing tone-on-tone colors, animating the surfaces with textures of braiding and weaving, and refining the profile of the seats. This cabin offers to the passengers a warm, relaxing and soothing atmosphere and a nice environment of serenity.

The use of braided wood as well as the satin finish, beige and black straw marquetry, beige leather and woven and chenille cotton and wool fabrics contribute to the natural spirit that emanates from this interior and reinforces the contrast with white carbon high gloss finish.

Only black straw marquetry rhythms and graphically highlights some of the surfaces.

The lights are an integral part of this space by using finishes of the materials resulting in the reflection of glitter and luminous texture.

The organic molding, which highlights the specific elements of the cabin such as tables and TV cabinet, is made of wood with titanium and ceruse finishing.

In the bedroom, the headboard is composed of soft curved shapes, interlocking into each other and creating accents of lights which are useful for reading but also offers additional small storage spaces for the personal effects of the owners.

The perspective of the cabin and the passage from one living space to the other are underlined by white carbon profiles, which is the only material in high gloss finish in the cabin. 

The fluid exterior design is composed of two clear tone-on-tone colors. The lines start from the front of the Global 7500, following the fuselage curves in a regular way, then dispersing on the reactors and drifting into wide, irregular, dynamic and elegant curves. These curves are highlighted by their matt finish in contrast with the high gloss finish of the rest of the external paint.


Concept 2

The idea behind this concept was to visually enlarge and increase the volume of the cabin by working specifically on the seat design, on materials selection and on specific creative patterns.

A contemporary and cozy style for this cabin was applied with refined graphic details including metallic inserts around the table, side ledges and bulkheads.

An evolutive graphic pattern was designed throughout the cabin, as well as the exterior by creating a long perspective.